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12oz/340ml Reusable Coffee Cup: Cream & Blue

Circular Cup is the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from recycled single-use paper cups. This sustainable travel mug is 100% leakproof so perfect for life on the go. Designed for 10 years of use, it has easy one-hand opening and a unique push lid mechanism which minimises spills and allows 360-degree drinking. Keeps your drink hot or cold for 60-90 minutes. Suitable for most car cup holders and coffee machines.

Beebom Seedbom

Seedboms are friendly bombs filled with native British wildflower or herb seeds that grow into nectar-rich flowers that help to sustain bee, butterfly and other important insect populations. Give nature a helping hand to transform rundown, tired and unloved spaces. Very easy to use and no need to plant as Seedboms split open upon impact with the ground and grow where they land.  

Birdball™ Belle Bird Feeder: Grey

This feeder is small, simple and stylish. Easy to clean, easy to fill, and completely weather-proof so you can leave it out all year round. The modern design prevents damage to birds' feet and beaks that can be caused by mesh and wire and deters larger birds and squirrels from stealing the food. Great for feeding small garden birds, such as tits, sparrows, nuthatches and finches, both large and small fat balls, fruit, and kitchen scraps. It can even be used to hold nesting material such as wool.

Birdsong Makeup Bag: Indigo

This beautiful linen makeup bag, inspired by British birdsong, is the perfect size to keep all your make-up and cosmetic essentials together. Looks gorgeous in your bathroom and is ideal for handbags too.

Birdsong Toiletry Bag: Indigo

This beautiful linen toiletry bag, inspired by British birdsong, is just the right size to hold all of your overnight essentials in one place.

Birdsong Toiletry Bag: Raspberry

This beautiful linen toiletry bag, inspired by British birdsong, is just the right size to hold all of your overnight essentials in one place.

Botanic Body Oil 100ml

Blend of six British grown botanical oils scented with rosemary and lavender to create a light, aromatic and nourishing blend for all skin types. For best results apply after shower or bathing for soft, refreshed skin.

Breads Of The World Tea Towel

Bread has been the staple food for most of the world for thousands of years. With only three basic ingredients, it is staggering how regional and cultural variations can influence and change a simple food. This illustrated tea towel shows 49 different breads, detailing the ingredients, origins and baking methods that go into them.  

Calm Himalayan Bath Salts Sachet

Calming bath salts made with pink Himalayan crystal salt, raw, unprocessed and unrefined, and rich in 84 different minerals that the human body needs to stay healthy. Helps to rejuvenate and stimulate your skin and body. Infused with pure coconut oil to leave your skin soft and supple, plus a soothing blend of organic patchouli, lavender and frankincense essential oils, to promote deep relaxation and stress relief.

Colour-in Glorious Garden Giant Poster/Tablecloth

The Colour-in Glorious Garden Giant Poster/Tablecloth is full of British flora and insects and ideal for the older child or adult who love to colour in more detailed drawings. A popular gift for relatives with Alzheimer's who love gardening and flowers.

Damson Jam

A delicious damson jam made with British fruit, made in small batches in a small British kitchen. Rich, fruity and fabulous swirled into porridge or spread thickly on toasted homemade bread.