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Great British Place Names Map

Featuring over 2,000 genuine locations, this map is a comprehensive record of Britain’s funny, rude and delightfully odd place names, all ready to be discovered, celebrated and giggled over. Geography has never been so enjoyable! Designed to add fun to your holiday, and show you that Britain is a brilliant, beautiful and inspirational place for your next staycation whilst small enough to explore properly. Our British Isles has so much to offer - spectacular coastline, idyllic islands, lovely landscapes and breathtaking views!

Liberty Fabric Craft Squares

36 Liberty Tana Lawn™ small fabric squares in mixed random colours. As these are random fabrics, we cannot guarantee colours and combinations. Tana Lawn™ is a fabric perfected through a bespoke process that has evolved over a century. Printed in Liberty's own printing mill in northern Italy, the fabric has unmatchable fluidity with a silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy.

Make Your Own Monster Kit

Each kit contains a pre-stitched lambswool monster shape, recycled wool stuffing, felt bits and bobs, and step-by-step instructions to make your very own unique monster. Use the felt and knitted fabric to create a face, legs, or even wings. You can make an angry monster or a cute one, it’s up to you. Let your imagination run wild!

Mono Cat Creature

Hi, I’m Mono Cat. I love mint humbugs and like crossing zebra crossings.

Peeping Tom Creature

Hi, I’m Peeping Tom. I’m inquisitive and like telling jokes. I dislike smelly feet. I make a nice cuddly cushion.

Rill Creature

Hi, I’m Rill. I’m very lively and never stop running around. I like caterpillars and worms.

Rita Radish Creature

Hi, I’m Rita Radish. I love trampolining and dislike plastic straws.

Rusty Creature

Hi, I’m Rusty. I like frolicking in autumn leaves and dislike toads.

Sketchbook: Persephone Grey & Crimson

Landscape format softback sketchbook for pencil and ink, with perforated pages for easy removal. The binding permits the book to be opened perfectly flat. The covers of thick patterned paper are litho-printed.

Three Folk Dolls Embroidery Kit

This kit has everything you need to make three little embroidered folk dolls.  Easy to make and embroider. Create your own garland or add a bit of dolly loveliness to your parcel wrapping.

Ziggy Cat Creature

Hi, I’m Ziggy. I like hot dogs with mustard and am a huge fan of David Bowie.