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Bean To Bar Drinking Chocolate 75%

Smooth and fruity drinking chocolate from beans sourced from the St Vincent Cocoa Company, a co-operative committed to improving cocoa growing and providing a market for small growers across the Caribbean island. Chocolate made from the beans at this internationally renowned bakery is shaved into perfect flakes for melting into warm milk providing you with rich drinking chocolate with a silky texture and tasting notes of pear, caramel and cream sherry.

Brown Bread Bean To Bar White Chocolate 40%

A chunky, malty amalgamation of bread pieces and sweet toffee white chocolate made with this internationally renowned bakery's very own cocoa press and Samuel von Rutte's Ecuadorian cocoa beans from Hacienda Limon.

Limited Edition Grenada Milk & Nutmeg Bean To Bar Milk Chocolate 60%

A high cocoa milk chocolate, offering subtle undertones of the fruit flavours characteristic of the Crayfish Bay beans and gently scented with the warmth of Grenadan Nutmeg, perfect for a winter's evening curled up on your favourite sofa.

Sough Dough & Sea Salt Bean To Bar Dark Chocolate 66%

A unique combination of two favourite signature products, dark chocolate and sourdough made in an internationally renowned bakery. Sough dough crumbs and a touch of sea salt add crunch and a malty flavour to the Ecuadorian chocolate.