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Cornish Honeycomb Bean To Bar Milk Chocolate 50%

Master beekeeper Matt keeps Cornish Black Bees using sustainable methods that are stress and chemical-free and is working hard to support and encourage their colonies to repopulate Cornwall. Matt supplies the fresh tree honey in this chocolate bar which is bursting with deep honey and crunchy toffee sweetness with a background note of toasted hazelnut.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Bean To Bar Dark Chocolate 72%

Frankincense and myrrh resins from Moroccan Boswellia and Commiphora trees, carefully managed by small independent farmers, provide the potent but rounded aromatic flavours of orange and pine in this unique and seasonal chocolate. The harvesting of frankincense and myrrh is a long and arduous task. Undertones of red fruit and green apple notes. Decorated with 23ct edible gold leaf.

Oko Caribe Browned-Butter Bean To Bar Milk Chocolate 60%

Oko Caribe is a collective of around 165 farmers in the Duarte province, Dominican Republic. These farmers are extensively trained by the founders of Oko Caribe, who spent several decades refining their own skills with a scientific passion before beginning their own cacao enterprise. They work closely with their farmers, assisting and supporting them. All of the farms are certified organic. Their obsessive attention to detail results in a quality and aroma with stunning mellow tones that work beautifully in chocolate making, a very nutty array of flavours slowly building to flavours of vanilla ice cream and honey over light white fruit. A lovely bean from lovely people turned into lovely chocolate.

Pure Bean To Bar Dark Chocolate 100%

The holy grail for chocolate purists. Most chocolate ‘makers’ are buying in commodity chocolate which they make palatable by adding sugar and flavourings. Without these additions, the chocolate would be far too bitter for most to consume. A 100% bar from a good chocolate maker, however, is a labour of passion and patience. The natural flavours and sweetness have to be carefully coaxed out of the bean and preserved at every stage of processing, through fermentation, drying, roasting, grinding, conching, ageing and tempering, a process that spans months! There is nothing else in the chocolate to hide behind. At first, the intensity of flavour - a slow build to intense roasted brazil nuts, with accents of grapefruit and plantain - can be a shock but savoured rather than scoffed, it may change your appreciation of chocolate as a food.

Roasted Chestnut Bean To Bar White Chocolate 40%

The deep smokey aroma of an open fire and creamy, nutty-sweet chestnut is elevated by the subtle sweetness of white chocolate. It is believed that the Romans planted chestnut trees to feed their soldiers, which is why there are so many of these magnificent trees dotted around the country. Sweet chestnuts are naturally low in fat and high in fibre. Not that we are suggesting this is a health food...the embodiment of comfort food the very least.

Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

Small batch handmade chocolate. Soft, salty caramel truffles, hand-dipped in Asháninka 72% dark chocolate and rolled in pressed cocoa powder. Do you love anyone enough to give them away?

Wild Gorse Flower Bean To Bar Milk Chocolate 50%

Picked by hand in late spring from the abundant prickly hedgerows seen throughout the Cornish landscape, the small, vibrant yellow wild gorse flowers are a treasure but physically painful to harvest! They impart their heady warm, nostalgic, coconut scent to milk chocolate for a unique flavour with hints of fudge and roast nut, ending in light red fruit making the effort all the more worthwhile.