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JOANNA OWST - Art Exhibition

11/07/18 - 25/07/18
10.00 - 17.00
64 High Street
East Sussex
TN33 0AG

Joanna says:

'My work explores the way that different colours can be used together to create a combination of abstraction and representation; colour is what inspires me to move further to the next series of work, enhancing my experience of being in a landscape. 

I graduated from Falmouth University last year, where my work progressed toward this explosive view of various places around Cornwall, Wales and East Sussex through pouring the paint onto a landscape painting. However, during my residency in St Ives, I discovered another way of forming these two components: the background of landscape and the foreground of distraction.

I have always worked from my photographs of places, and I often create a painting by looking at a series of different images of a place to capture its essence. Nothing is planned or drawn out, it just happens naturally as an image develops and this usually happens at a very fast pace before moving on to the next canvas.'