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Gardens will be blossoming with colour as we drift through June, hopefully with more warm sunshine and just enough rain to keep those plants watered.

All that sun and rain will quickly bring on strong prickly weeds and bramble growth. Bradleys the Tannery make a great range of gloves for men and women, including these leather anti-bramble gauntlets, strong and sturdy to protect your hands and forearms from all those prickles – great for pruning roses too! For all other gardening jobs, their lighter weight suede gauntlet gloves in different sizes and colours are ideal.

Involve younger members of the family in making paper pots out of old newspapers using Creamore Mill’s Paper Pot Press made from sustainable timber before filling with compost and seeds. Identify your plants with extra wide seed labels that accommodate larger writing, making them easier to read without having to bend over. Being compostable, they save the job of sifting out otherwise plastic labels from your compost heap! When vegetable and flower seedlings are ready to plant out, they can be left in their paper pots to avoid root disturbance and put straight into the ground. Plant growth is unchecked because the newspaper decomposes as the plant grows.

For bigger projects, Creamore Mill’s oak seed tray dibbers with turned pegs spaced 5cm apart can be used not only for drilling holes but also to rake out drills for sowing rows of small seeds making large volume sowing quicker. They will work in both standard seed trays and half-size seed trays. The flat back of the dibber lends itself to tamping down the compost over the sown seeds afterwards.

Creamore Mill’s oiled beech stakes are wound with 10 metres of natural jute twine to mark out straight lines, perfect for planting out seedling rows in the garden or defining beds and edging lawns. It’s also time to tie back rampant climbers; the Mill also produces a turned oak stand featuring a nifty cutter in the bishop’s head to cut jute twine.

At the end of a hard day in the garden, kick off your wellies and store them upside down on Creamore Mill’s oak boot stands with turned tapered pegs and beaded caps - they will grace the entrance of your home and naturally weather over time.

Paula Williams, Founder of BRITISH design BRITISH made, 64 High Street, Battle, TN33 0AG, helping you to buy British.